Elise Quevedo

aka The Digital Ghost Queen

Author of Inspirational Book "Creating a Kick Ass Attitude", Keynote Speaker, Mentor and one of the most sought after Social Media Marketing Consultants.

She has been voted "Top 100 Entrepreneur to follow on Twitter" multiple times, sharing that list with authority names such as Richard Branson, Mike Bloomberg, Robert Kiyosaki and Martha Stewart. She has been honored in the Top 100 Women in E-Commerce Awards by WE Magazine and was featured in Entrepreneurs 4 Schools campaign during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Elise has helped businesses and individuals thrive on the cyber world and many other industries raising their profiles. Clients Range from The Entertainment Industry to powerful business entities & individuals, charity foundations and has also seen her involved as a consultant in European Political Campaigns.

Elise has an uncanny ability to build leaders, not followers and has spoken around the world as a global key opinion leader.

With over 20 years experience in network marketing, retail & recruitment and a background in music & film, she believes attitude and motivation are two of the main ingredients if you are striving to be successful. In her first book "Creating a Kick Ass Attitude" available on Amazon, Elise talks about the way attitude plays an integral part in each and every aspect of your life.

Elise developed The SMEQ ( Social Media Emotional Quotient), which is the art and influence of creating, attracting and building better business relationships via Social Media. In a world where peer to peer recommendation is more influential than corporate brand marketing, there is no one better to share the knowledge and psychology on how to use the different Social Media platforms. She also understands the importance of online security and confidentiality which is why she spends a lot of time behind the scenes with VIP clients consulting & creating strategies.

Elise seems to have found the magic formula of combining her Kick Ass Attitude onto her Social Media trainings. So let her be the one to take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

This year Elise will release 2 new books, an anticipated cyber world one and a kick ass attitude continuum one.

Elise is also a contributing writer for multiple publications where she shares her insights into the world of tech, entertainment and life in general.

Born in the small island of Gran Canaria & with Scandinavian blood running through her veins, Elise considers herself a Global Citizen with the main purpose of inspiring people to always be the best they possibly can be, both in their personal & business lives