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The world of Trust

As expressed in my book ' Creating a Kick-Ass Attitude' for all of you who have ready it, trust is extremely important to me. It's one of those qualities you must posses in any type of relationship, no matter if its a business one, friendship one or romantic one...

It is after recent events that has made me re-value Trust, the people around me who I thought I trusted. Trust is something that when broken, will left a massive gap in between 2 people and trying to rebuild that will not be an easy task. Sometimes even un-rebuild able.

Trust tends to be broken by selfish people, those who are too used to lying and think they can get away with it or get something from it. Even I have fallen for those who have lied to my face when I thought were friends, so beware of the people you trust when you are in trouble or are trying to create a business. I remember trusting someone who at the time felt like a brother to me with very important information and instead of being there, he simply lied, walked away and broke my trust which felt like a bullet to my heart. But it's events like that, that you need to be thankful for. Break of trust sometimes will be the best thing to happen to you, for the simple fact that it will help you eliminate toxic people out of your life and will push you to find others who will also believe trust is important. A couple of days ago I was in the middle of London standing not far from Trafalgar Square talking to a friend at 3 am and remember being asked... 'do you trust me?' so today I reflect on that question.

I remember working in an environment once where I thought I trusted my bosses and colleagues but due to politics I was caught up in a line of fire and some of my trustees could not be quick enough to aim and fire the gun at me. I am glad I no longer have a boss so I never get caught in that position again.

For those of you who have the pleasure to have known me in the past or know some of my journey, you know one of my 'things' is to always move forward amidst anything that comes my way. As you know, a new book will be out after the summer about Inspirational people around the world and in my life and today I reflect on trust and the people that will be in that book. Only 2 of the people I personally know will be in the book as people who I could trust with my life and although many people say ' Trust No-one' and even I am to blame for saying that once in a while, the fact is that you need to be able to trust a few people in life or you will never get far.

As the saying goes.. ' there is no "I" in team'... and alone we can only accomplish so much. Have you noticed how any successful business person and entrepreneur out there has their trust in a team of people around them who help them be who they are today?

Let's all do that. Surround ourselves with a team of people that we can trust that will help us move forward, tell us off when we are de-railing and simply be there when we need a shoulder to lean on without asking questions. Both in business and in life, surround yourself with a few people where Trust is built on strong foundations just like the pyramids, so no matter how many hurricanes, wars and battlefields you come across, your trust will remain intact. Be confident that you can regain trust with some people even if its a long battle for remember that good things come to those who wait, who are persistent, who like a Rhino can only move forward.'

As you guys read these posts from me, I hope it gives you a bit of an insight onto my beliefs. Some of you already know I think this way, some of you are quite new in my life but have made a big impact and I am pleased to announce that no-one requested not to be sent another email after the 1st one I sent!!! so woohooooo....

And please, feel free to forward this to the people who matter in your life. And with that I want to wish everyone an amazing day. May you all find people in your life who you trust, and when you do, please be honest with them, do not lie to them or break their trust. Always be up front. Not all relationships were meant to last, but please do not hide behind lies. Being trustworthy will open many doors along the way.

Ciao for now!!